Modifier 2: Release Notes

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Modifier's purpose is to provide a GUI model to administer file permissions in Mac OS X. Mac OS X provides a limited interface to do this via the Finder (the 'Inspector'). However, this function limits the user to changing privileges only for the files, not the owner, group, or other file attributes. As well, you can avoid those perplexing and clunky Terminal commands! Modifier ultimately walks the fine line between a browser and an info window extension, and may at one time move more in one direction or the other.

What's new:

  • Drag and drop support is now implemented.
  • Multiple document architecture allows you to use many info windows at one time, and to open/drag and drop more than one file to be opened at once.
  • View the item's icon, creation date, modification date, size, posix permissions number (i.e. 777), file kind, creator code, and type code.
  • Change the item's modification date, posix permissions number, privileges by user, group, or other on a grid, uid, gid, and sticky bits, creator code and type code.
  • File operations - You can now launch, move, copy, duplicate, or destroy the active item, as well as making aliases, or move the item to Mac OS X's Trash can instead of immediately destroying it.
  • Preferences - You can use items like transparent windows, select various actions for startup, use short names, calculate folder sizes, and more.

UFS Compatibility:
It should be noted that the UFS file system will not be officially supported, though many functions of the application will still work on UFS. HFS+ file systems support certain attributes that UFS theoretically does not, such as the creation dates, invisibility, and locked flags. In testing, files that were created on HFS+ and were copied to a UFS file system retained their HFS+ flags, and worked without difficulty in Modifier. Your mileage may vary. UFS behaviour is something that we would like to improve. It would be very much appreciated if you could e-mail your experiences with UFS and Modifier to

If you come across an undocumented problem while using this application, have a feature request, or if you have other engineering or documentation concerns, please send an e-mail to (Subject: Modifier Support). If we find that you have come across a bug in the application, we will take care of it in a future release. Under most circumstances, we can patch up the problem and release an update realtively quickly. You can drop any other miscellaneous questions and comments our way by e-mailing (Subject: Modifier Comments).

Modifier is shareware. If you like it and use it, you should pay us a shareware fee of US$10. Our registration is done through Kagi ( You can find the link to register Modifier at In exchange for your registration fee, you will receive a license code. When this license code is entered in the preferences, and previously disabled features - such as operations, setting of creator and type codes, the ability to hide extensions, and that to set certain bit settings - are enabled.

The people listed below in the credits, as well as others who have played a part in developing this product, will not be held responsible for any damage that may be caused to your computer. We have tested rigorously in a variety of configurations, to fix as many problems as we could find. If in doubt, please read the enclosed documentation before you make changes. Bugs that you find can be e-mailed to