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Modifier newest feature is the ability to create Droplets, mini-applications that apply your predefined attributes to files dropped over top of them in the Finder.

Modifier now sports a sleek new interface. Each information window is intuitively laid out and compact, and provides easy navigation and ease of use.

Copy custom attributes in to the files contained by your folders - don't restrict yourself just to owner, group, and permissions!

The new batch info window allows you to edit many files at one time, and see all their information in one place.

The new file browser integrates a way for you to find and select your files, directly in Modifier.

There are better ways to open files, including drag and drop, the Dock menu, the Dock itself, or even the Finder toolbar.

The new preferences allow you to customize how things work and the way the application behaves.

And finally, just because it's cool, we have transparent windows - and the Metal interface (configurable to your liking, of course)!