Modifier 2.6

v2.6.2 now available

Modifier is the best application for editing file attributes on your Mac! Version 2.6.2 adds the ability to save out lists of files that you use in batch info windows. Modifier can also be used as a Get Info app for Path Finder. It now features batch info windows, a file browser, and a rewritten single info window architecture. Also, you have the capability to create mini "Droplet" applications, that apply predefined attributes to files dropped over them in the Finder, and application launch via the Services menu and Finder hot keys. Free update for registered users of v2.x.x, or $10 US shareware. Compatible from Mac OS X v10.1.x - v10.2.x.

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Introducing Modifier Lite

v2.6.5 now available

In the spirit of Macworld, we're introducing the only free, yet fully featured Get Info app for Mac OS X! Modifier Lite 2.6.4 provides all of the functionality of Modifier's single info windows, but for free! Application launch via the Services menu, drag and drop, editing, and Mac OS X v10.1.x - v10.2.x are supported. Now, with the 2.6.4 and 2.6.5 updates, you have type and creator presets at your fingertips, you can edit the bundle and stationery bits, and you benefit from multiple user interface improvements. Modifier Lite is available on the downloads page and also through Modifier's software update mechanism. (Download link that downloaded 2.6.4 has been fixed.)

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