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This is a collection of C functions that wrap the "nireport" Terminal command. It provides access to various NetInfo database keys, including lists of users and groups, uids and gids, user home directories, comparing information, and a custom key. I developed this library for use in Modifier 2, and as I found that it was a pain to try and draw from the Mac OS X libraries and the bits and pieces that are provided, I thought this would be a better solution in the long run. I will always accept contributions to the library, and you will be credited (in the code) for your contributions. The download includes a small test wrapper application to demonstrate usage. This is free software, usage subject to the enclosed license agreement.

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Modifier 1.0.3 Lite Source Code

This is the Objective-C source code for Modifier Lite, v1.0.3. It requires the Mac OS X Developer Tools for Mac OS X v10.1 be installed and functional. This is the .pbproj file and the Objective-C source, as well as the documentation that was packaged with the product. Usage agreement is enclosed.